World History best for any competitive exam in India

Q21. In which region of the world did the American Revolution and the French Revolution have the greatest influence during the 1980s?
A. Southeast Asia
B. Latin America
C. South Asia
D. sub-Saharan Africa

Correct Answer: B. Latin America

Q22. Which quotation best reflects a feeling of nationalism?
A. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
B. A person’s greatest social obligation is loyalty to the family
C. For God, King and Country
D. Opposition to evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good

Correct Answer: C. For God, King and Country

Q23. According to Karl Marx, history is the record of the
A. granting of more political liberties to all people
B. struggle between classes in society
C. wars and conflicts between national leaders
D. increasing prosperity brought about by industrialization

Correct Answer: B. struggle between classes in society

Q24. “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains…Worker of the world, unite!” This statement was made in response to conditions resulting from the
A. Protestant Reformation
B. Counter Reformation
C. Commercial Revolution
D. Industrial Revolution

Correct Answer: D. Industrial Revolution

Q25. In Japan, the Meiji Restoration resulted in the
A. division of the nation between the European powers
B. modernization of the nation’s industry
C. abolition of the position of emperor
D. government being controlled by the samurai

Correct Answer: B. modernization of the nation’s industry

Q26. The modernization of Japan during the Meiji Restoration resulted in
A. a return to a feudal system of government
B. the rise of Japan as an imperialistic nation
C. an alliance between China, Korea, Russia, and Japan
D. a strengthening of Japan’s isolationist policies

Correct Answer: B. the rise of Japan as an imperialistic nation

Q27. A primary purpose for building the Suez Canal was to
A. encourage Jewish settlement in the nearby Palestine
B. increase trade between the Middle East, Europe and Asia
C. reduce the time needed for travel between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea
D. allow Indian merchants to reach the east coast of Africa

Correct Answer: B. increase trade between the Middle East, Europe and Asia

Q28. An analysis of the Russo-Japanese War and the Boer War shows that one reason nations go to war is to
A. assist oppressed people
B. spread religious beliefs
C. satisfy imperialist goals
D. honour provisions of a treaty

Correct Answer: C. satisfy imperialist goals

Q29. A major cause of World War I was
A. a decline in the policy of imperialism
B. the existence of opposing alliances
C. an increase in acts of aggression by England
D. the spread of communism throughout Europe

Correct Answer: B. the existence of opposing alliances

Q30. From the perspective of the North Vietnamese, the war in Vietnam in the 1960s was a battle between
A. fascism and liberalism
B. nationalism and imperialism
C. republicanism and totalitarianism
D. theocracy and monarchy

Correct Answer: B. nationalism and imperialism

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