General Knowledge Quiz – #1
Duration: 20 MINS – Maximum marks: 20
Read following instructlons carefully.
Note: If you are new here then you should read the general instructions before start. Click on the big button given above.
1. This test conta1ns 1 sections having 20 questions.
2. Each question has 4 options one of which only one is correct.
3. You have to finish test in 20 minutes.
4. Try not to guess answer although there is no negative marking.
7. Once you start. test, you be allowed to real-tempt it but not in the leader-board. Make sure that you complete the test before you submit the test and/or close the browser.
Starting the quiz means you are agree with the following agrements
1. You have read all instructlons carefully and have understood them.
2. You agree not to chead or use unfair means in this examinatlon.
3. You understand that using unfair means of any sort for my own or someone eise’s advantage will lead to my immediate dis.gualificatlon.
4. The decision of will be final in these matters and cannot be appealed.
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