#1. Osmosis involves diffusion of :-

#2. A cell placed in a strong salt solution will shrink because : -

#3. Process of selective transmission of a liquid through semi permeable membrane is called :-

#4. Potato slices are immersed in a series of solution of different osmotic concentrations. No change in volume or weight is observed with slices in a 0.3 M. solutions. The osmotic concentration of vacuolar sap, therefore :

#5. Which helps in maintaining form and structure of cells & soft parts of plants ?

#6. The physical process involved in the release of molecular oxygen from leaves is :-

#7. Plant cells do not burst in distilled water because :

#8. Water enters into the root hair from the soil in its normal condition because the osmotic pressure of the soil solution :-

#9. Who is called father of Indian plant physiology?

#10. If a cell swells, after being placed in solution. the solution is :-


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