#1. In fully turgid cell :-

#2. One molar solution of which substance will have maximum O.P :-

#3. Pieces of beet root do not lose their colour in cold water, but so in boiling water because

#4. The movement of molecules from their higher concentration to lower concentration is called____.

#5. Osomosis is the diffusion of a solution of a weaker concentration when both are seperated by semi-permeable membrane. What is error in the statement ?

#6. What statement can be cited for 10% sodium chloride solution and 10% sugar solution present ?

#7. If a plant cell is immersed in water, the water continues to-enter the cell until the :-

#8. If cell is reduced in size (shirnks) of placing in a solution of sugar, the solution is : -

#9. The process of osmosis involves : -

#10. A cell Increases in volume if the external medium is


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