#1. How many molecules of water are needed by a green plant to produce one molecule of hexose/reduce 6 molecules

#2. The chemical fomula of bacteriochlorophyll is

#3. In addition to the 12 molecules of NADP.H2 the energy required for the synthesis of one mole of hexose by C3

#4. C2 and C3 cycles predominantly operates in

#5. Basic structure of all chlorophyll comprises of

#6. Sythesis of fructose in C4 pathway occurs in the chloroplast of

#7. In pigment system-II the trapping centre of light energy is -

#8. In C4 pathway the fixation of CO2 by PEPCase occurs in

#9. Chlorophyll `e' is generally present in

#10. Most efficient photosynthesis & presence of bundle sheath chloroplast are characteristics of


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