Photosynthesis : Previous years questions for AIIMS / NEET exams

Photosynthesis previous years questions


Here you are provided MCQs on photosynthesis previous years questions which are very important any medical exams like AIIMS, NEET etc. We have included many questions appeared in different entrance exams. After learning photosynthesis topic from your books or get our theory course, then come here, work it out and grow in confidence for your exam.

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Q.1 Which one of the following categories of organisms do not evolve oxygen during photosynthesis : – [AIMS-2004]
(1) Red algae
(2) Photosynthetic bacteria
(3) C4-plants with Kranz anatomy
(4) Blue green alage

Correct Answer: (2) Photosynthetic bacteria

Q.2 In chloroplast, chlorophyll is present in the : [AIPMT-2004]
(1) Stroma
(2) Outer membrane
(3) Inner membrane
(4) Thylakoids

Correct Answer: (4) Thylakoids

Q.3 Plants adapted to low light intensity have : – [AIPMT-2004]
(1) Leaves modified to spines
(2) Large photosynthetic unit size than the sun plants
(3) Higher rate of CO2 fixation than the sun plants
(4) More extended root system

Correct Answer: (2) Large photosynthetic unit size than the sun plants

Q.4 In C3 plants, the first stable product of photosynthesis during the dark reaction is :- [AIPMT-2004]
(1) Phosphoglycereldehyde
(2) Malic acid
(3) Oxaloacetic acid
(4) 3-Phosphoglyceric acid

Correct Answer: (4) 3-Phosphoglyceric acid

Q.5 Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) represents the following range of wavelength : [AIPMT-2004]
(1) 400-700 nm
(2) 500 – 600 nm
(3) 450 – 950 nm
(4) 340 – 450 nrn

Correct Answer: (1) 400-700 nm

Q.6 Which of the following is vaong in relation to photorespiration : – [AIPMT-2003]
(1) It occurs is chloroplasts
(2) It occurs in daytime only
(3) It is a characteristic of C4 plants
(4) It is a characteristic of C3 plants

Correct Answer: (3) It is a characteristic of C4 plants

Q.7 Choose the correct match – [AIPMT -2002] Bladderwort, sundew, venus flytrap : –
(1) Nepenthese, Dionea, Drosera
(2) Nepenthese, Utricularia, Vanda
(3) Utricularia, Drosera, Doionea
(4) Dionea, Trapa. Vanda

Correct Answer: (3) Utricularia, Drosera, Doionea

Q.8 Tracer elements are :- [MP PMT -2002]
(1) Micro-elements
(2) Macro-elements
(3) Radio-isotopes
(4) Vitamins

Correct Answer: (3) Radio-isotopes

Q.9 The subtrate of photorespiration is : – [MP PMT-2002]
(1) Glycolate
(2) Glucose
(3) Pyruvic acid
(4) Acetyl CO-A

Correct Answer: (1) Glycolate

Q.10 Photorespiration in C3 plants starts from . – [AIMS-2003]
(1) Phosphoglycerate
(2) Glycerate
(3) Glycine
(4) Phosphoglycolate

Correct Answer: (4) Phosphoglycolate

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