Photosynthesis : MCQs for any board and medical exams

Here you are provided photosynthesis MCQs which are very important for any medical exams, you know well. We have included many questions appeared in different entrance exams. Remember “Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect.” After learning photosynthesis chapter from your books or get our theory course, then come here, work it out and grow in confidence for your exam. Recommended books

#1. Bio-Chemical phase in photosynthesis was first discovered by

#2. Photosynthetic units are referred as

#3. CAM-plants are mainly

#4. What is the role of light in plants ?

#5. How many calvin cycles would generate one molecules of glucose/hexose

#6. In photosynthetic bacteria the photosynthesis takes place in

#7. How many molecules of water would be consumed to support one calvin cycles

#8. Photosynthetic bacteria do not contain

#9. How much energy in terms of ATP equivalents is consumed in the photosynthetic production of a mole of hexose

#10. What is the by product of bacterial photosynthesis?


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