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Photosynthesis Assertion and Reason


These Photosynthesis Assertion and Reason questions consist of two statements each, printed as “Assertion” and “Reason“. While answering these Questions you are required to choose any one of the following responses.
(1) If both A and R are True and the R is a correct explanation of the A.
(2) If both A and R are True but R is not correct explanation of the A
(3) If A is True but the R is False.
(4) If both A and R are false.

A : Liberation of O2 in bacteria was discovered by Van Niel.
R : Bacteria use green light for photophosphorylation.

Correct Answer: Option (4)

A : insectivorous habit of plants is to cope with oxygen deficiency.
R : Insectivorous plants are non-green plants.

Correct Answer: Option (4)

A : C3-plants photosynthetically more efficient than C4-plants.
R : CO2 inhibits photosynthesis in C3 plants.

Correct Answer: Option (4)

A : Dark reaction of photosynthesis is biosynthetic phase.
R : Dark reaction is affected by temperature.

Correct Answer: Option (2)

A : Rate of photosynthesis is higher in combination of 680T & 68049 nm than 680T nm alone.
R : Both cyclic & non cyclic Photophosphorylation takes place by mix light.

Correct Answer: Option (1)

A : Photosynthetically C4 plants are better than C3 plants.
R : Photorespiration absent in C4 plants.

Correct Answer: Option (1)

A : Sulphur bacteria do not release O2 in photosynthesis.
R : These bacteria do not use water in photosynthesis.

Correct Answer: Option (1)

A : Photosynthetically Zea mays is more efficient than Pea plant.
R : Pea is non photorespiratory plant.

Correct Answer: Option (3)

A : Dark reaction of photosynthesis occurs only in absence of light.
R : Dark reaction occur in grana.

Correct Answer: Option (4)

A : Initial fixation of CO2 in CAM-plants takes place in night.
R : PS-II is absent in CAM-plants.

Correct Answer: Option (3)

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