Pair words with English meanings and sentences

Pair words with meanings and examples


These pair words or homophones are included in the syllabus of any board competitive exams now a days. So, the students of class 10 or competitive exam aspirants can use these pair words as notes for covering their syllabus. These examples contain the important homophones and pair words with meanings and examples.

Q. Difference between mordant & trenchant

Explanation with examples: Mordant is bitingly sarcastic: Everyone hated Raymond’s mordant comments.
Trenchant means “forceful and keen”: Raymond received trenchant criticism from everyone for his comments.

Q. Difference between mute & moot

Explanation with examples: Mute means “having no sound or without speech”: He was struck mute by the horror of the events.
Moot as a noun is a public meeting; as an adjective, the more common usage, means “open to debate” in the UK and “not open to debate” in the US . It is most often used in the phrase moot point: When Walter walked in, the question of who was going to pick him up became moot.

Q. Difference between Know & no

Explanation with examples: No means “the opposite of yes”: They all said no in response to the latest referendum.
To know is to understand are realize: I don’t want to know how you got up the tree.

Q. Difference between noisome & noisy

Explanation with examples: Noisome means “disgusting, offensive, and potentially harmful”: A noisome smell arose from the garbage can.
Noisy means “making a lot of sound or racket”: With so many children, it became a noisy day care center.

Q. Difference between obeisance & obsequious

Explanation with examples: Obeisance is respect and homage paid someone: Farina greeted the queen with sincere obeisance.
Obsequiousness is submissiveness and an eagerness to obey: The obsequiousness of the waiter made them roll their eyes.

Q. Difference between obtuse & abstruse

Explanation with examples: Obtuse means “lacking quickness of wit or sensitivity, dull, dense”: Brandon is so obtuse he doesn’t even know when he is being insulted.
Abstruse means “too difficult to understand for the average mind”: The professor presented an abstruse metaphysical concept that went over our heads.

Q. Difference between overdo & overdue

Explanation with examples: Overdo is to exaggerate something: Marcy overdoes her makeup every morning and she ends up looking like a clown.
Overdue indicates something that has missed its deadline: You must return these overdue books to the library immediately, or A visit to our grandparents is long overdue.

Q. Difference between Pander & pamper

Explanation with examples: To pamper is to coddle, or treat with indulgence: The only time my mom pampers me is when I’m sick.
To pander is to cater to the base needs of others, to sell out: Senator Throckmorton got elected by pandering to special interest groups.

Q. Difference between PLUMB & PLUM

Explanation with examples: I had to plumb the depth of my memory to recall the taste of the fresh plum.
PLUMB : Explore or experience fully or to extremes
PLUM : A fruit

Q. Difference between passed & past

Explanation with examples: Passed is the past tense of pass, to go by or move ahead of: The boys passed through town quickly.
Past is a place in time that was before now: You would be wise to reflect on the past and learn from it.

Q. Difference between pasture & pastor

Explanation with examples: A pasture is a place where farm animals graze: Al Falfa puts his cows out into the pasture every morning.
A pastor is a member of the clergy, a minister of a church: Noah Sarque is the pastor of the local Baptist Church .

Q. Difference between patience & patients

Explanation with examples: Patience is the ability to remain calm even when dealing with someone or something difficult: The teacher showed infinite patience for the students struggling with the reading material.
Patients are people who are sick in a hospital: The nurse had several new patients to get to know that week.

Q. Difference between peace & piece

Explanation with examples: Peace is a sense of calm and absence of war or hostility: We all hope for peace throughout the world.
A piece is a part or segment of something: Helen Highwater lost a piece of her jewelry in church last Sunday.

Q. Difference among peek, pique & peak

Explanation with examples: To peek is to look quickly without someone knowing: The child peeked inside the gift.
To pique is to arouse or provoke: Muriel’s comment piqued Abner’s curiosity. Pique can also be used as a noun meaning “resentment”: Sedgewick felt a bit of pique at the association of his name with their real estate scheme.
A peak is the highest point of something: Chastity decided not to drive to the top of Pike’s Peak during the peak summer vacation season.

Q. Difference between PEEK & PEAK

Explanation with examples: A peek through the window reveals a view of the mountain’s highest peak.
PEEK : A secret look
PEAK : The pointed top of a mountain

Q. Difference between peer & pier

Explanation with examples: To peer is to squint and gaze strongly at: Melvin had to peer through fog to keep the car on the highway.
a peer is an equal: Farnsworth didn’t consider anyone his peer when it came to the game of tiddledy winks.
A pier is a walkway that juts into a body of water for docking: to he docked his boat at the end of the pier.

Q. Difference between penultimate & ultimate

Explanation with examples: Penultimate means “the next to the last (the ultimate)”: Little did Al Pacca know that the penultimate shrimp he ate was the one that gave him food poisoning.
Ultimate is the last or best: I found the ultimate gift for Gary this year.

Q. Difference between perspective & prospective

Explanation with examples: A perspective is a view from a certain place or position or a mental outlook: The perspective from this building is spectacular, or Lydia Potts has a wonderful perspective on life considering the fact that she has 12 kids.
Prospective is an adjective that means “possible, likely to happen”: We have several prospective opportunities before us.

Q. Difference between piquant & pique

Explanation with examples: Piquant means “pleasantly tart or spicy”: This restaurant serves a piquant salsa that is absolutely delicious.
To pique is to arouse or provoke: Grunella piqued Vern’s curiosity with her question.

Q. Difference between plain & plane

Explanation with examples: Plain means “simple not showy” or “a large level region”: It was plain to see that Vanessa loved Conway , or Bowser’s farm was on a great plain where wheat grew well.
A plane is a flat and level surface, a new level, or an airplane: To understand the equation of a plane surface in mathematics you have to reach a new plane of consciousness. Franklin landed the plane successfully.

Q. Difference between portent & potent

Explanation with examples: A portent is a noun meaning “an omen or prophetic sign of the future”: Ivan Oder took falling out of bed that morning as a portent of a greater disaster in the future.
Potent is an adjective meaning “strong and powerful”: Arnold was a potent man, even at seventy, but could not handle the potent martinis Bella Donna made.

Q. Difference among pour, pore & pore

Explanation with examples: To pour is to dispense liquid from one container into another: She poured some milk into the glass.
A pore is to study or read intensely: Hilda pored over the materials nightly.
Pore also means “a small opening in skin through which moisture or air moves”: Pores are all over our bodies.

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