Medieval Indian History best for any competitive exam in India

Medieval Indian History

The Medieval Indian History, as you all aspirants know that it is an important area from which some Ancient Indian History Questions are regularly given in UPSC prelims and mains, SSC, TET and many other competitive exams. Indian ancient History is a very vast subject, and it is important to prioritize certain areas for all competitive exams.

Q1. The treaty of Bassein (1802) was signed with the British by Peshwa
A. Madhav Rao
B. Balaji Baji Rao
C. Baji Rao I
D. Baji Rao

Correct Answer: D. Baji Rao

Q2. Between whom was the treaty of Purandhar in 1776 made?
A. English and Nizam of Hyderabad
B. Marathas and Portuguese
C. Marathas and English
D. English and Sultan of Mysore

Correct Answer: C. Marathas and English

Q3. Shavaji defeated the Mughals in the battle of
A. Purandhar
B. Raigarh
C. Salhar
D. Shivner

Correct Answer: C. Salhar

Q4. Who was called ‘Chanakya of Maratha Politics’?
A. Baji Rao II
B. Balaji Viswanath
C. Nana Pharnabis
D. Mahadji Scindia

Correct Answer: C. Nana Pharnabis

Q5. At the time of Aurangzeb’s death, the Maratha leadership was in the hands of
A. Shambhuji
B. Rajaram
C. JIja Bai
D. Tara Bai

Correct Answer: D. Tara Bai

Q6. Who among the following streamlined the Maratha administration after Sambhaji?
A. Raja Ram
B. Balaji Viswanath
C. Ganga Bai
D. Nanaji Deshmukh

Correct Answer: A. Raja Ram

Q7. Who built the Ibadatkhana at Fatehpur Sikri?
A. Akbar
B. Jahangir
C. Shahjahan
D. Aurangzeb

Correct Answer: A. Akbar

Q8. Which Mughal Emperor was first prisoner of the British and later a prisoner of the Marathas as till his death?
A. Shah Alam II
B. Bahadur Shah II
C. Alamgir II
D. Akbar Shah II

Correct Answer: A. Shah Alam II

Q9. The Vijay Stambha (Tower of VIctory) at Chittor was built by
A. Rana Pratap
B. Rana Kumbha
C. Rana Sanga
D. Bappa Raval

Correct Answer: B. Rana Kumbha

Q10. Who is considered the father of Sahrata (Sitar)?
A. Milan Tansen
B. Baiju Bawara
C. Khurshro Khan
D. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

Correct Answer: C. Khurshro Khan

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