MCQs on Structural Organization in Plants and Animals

Here you are provided MCQs on Structural organization in animals which are very important for any pre-medical exams, you know well. We have included many questions that appeared in different entrance exams. Download this free NCERT Book from here and be prepared for any exams. Hope you like the MCQ set.

#1. In comparison with humans, the erythrocytes in frogs are...

#2. Characteristic of smooth muscle fibres are...

#3. The role of the gap junction is to

#4. Basement membrane is made up of

#5. Sperms are stored in which part of the reproductive system in male cockroaches

#6. Hair present in the skin are

#7. In the bodies of complex animals, the most widely distributed and abundant tissue is

#8. Haversian canals occur in

#9. This structure has dense irregular connective tissue

#10. Lamina propria is connected with


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