International Organizations – MCQs Under General study…

Q11. Who was the only Indian to be elected as President of the United Nations General Assembly?
A. Vijaylakshmi Pandit
B. VK Krishna Menon
C. Jawahar Lal Nehru
D. None of the above

Correct Answer: Option (A)

Q12. Which one of the following countries is not a member of the Nordic Council?
A. Norway
B. Denmark
C. Iceland
D. United Kingdom

Correct Answer: Option (D)

Q13. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
A. UNESCO : Geneva
B. IMF : Paris
C. ILO : Washington
D. UNIDO : VieQDiscuss! Answer!
Answer is: D

Q14. What is International Development Association?
A. A voluntary association of developing countries
B. A federation of international leading agencies
C. An affiliate of World Bank
D. An organization of donor countries of European Union

Correct Answer: Option (C)

Q15. Where was the First Non-Aligned Summit (NAM) meet held?
A. New Delhi
B. Cairo
C. Belgrade
D. Hava

Correct Answer: Option (C)

Q16. The basis of European Unions Legan with the signing of
A. Mastricht Treaty
B. Treaty of Paris
C. Treaty of Rome
D. Treaty of Lisbon

Correct Answer: Option (A)

Q17. The TEAM-9 initiative is a techno-economic cooperation venture between India and eight countries of
A. West Africa
B. East Africa
C. North Africa
D. Central Africa

Correct Answer: Option (A)

Q18. Which one among the following is not a Millennium Development Goal of the United Nations?
A. Eradicate extreme poverty
B. Reduce birth rate and death rate
C. Reduce birth rate
D. Promote gender equality

Correct Answer: Option (B)

Q19. High Altitude Warfare School of the Indian Army is located at
A. Gulmarg
B. Siachen
C. Leh
D. Manali

Correct Answer: Option (A)

Q20. Which of the following countries is not a part of G20?
A. India
B. Italy
C. Republic of Korea
D. New Zealand

Correct Answer: Option (D)

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