International awards suitable for competitive exams in India

International Awards

11. Nobel Prize are distributed annually at
A. Manila
B. New York
C. Stockholm
D. Geneva

Correct Answer: Option (C)

12. which of the following is an award instituted by UNESCO?
A. Aryabhatta Awards
B. Kalinga Prize
C. Abdus Salam Prize
D. None of these

Correct Answer: Option (B)

13. Which person or organization received the Nobel Prize three times so far?
A. Madam Curie
B. Linus Pauling
C. Alexender Flemming
D. International Committee of the Redcross

Correct Answer: Option (D)

14. Which award is given annually on International Mother Language Day?
A. The International Linguapax award
B. Templeton Prize
C. The Rabbi Martin Katzestein Award
D. Holberg International Memorial Prize

Correct Answer: Option (A)

15. James C Morgan Global Humanitarian Award for humanitarian services is conferred to
A. Ratan Tata
B. Narayana Murthy
C. Nandan Nilkani
D. Anna Hazare

Correct Answer: Option (D)

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