How to Prepare Medical Entrance Exam at Home

If you are planning to pursue a professional or graduate level degree in the Medical sector, it is essential that you are prepared to do well on your entrance exam. For admission to medical schools in India, students must take the NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER like exams.

How to Prepare Medical Entrance Exam at Home

How to Prepare Medical Entrance Exam at Home?

There are four main ways that students study for entrance exams:

  • Independent Study
  • Group Study
  • Private Tutor
  • Commercial Course Preparation

Each method has their own pro’s and con’s, and it is up to you to determine which one is right for you.

Independent Study – This has been the most common and traditional way students prepare for their entrance exams. Students who have been successful in the past and are most comfortable with self-studying utilize this method. The main advantage of independent study is that it gives you the flexibility to study on your own time, location, and schedule. It is essential to create and follow a structured and well thought out study plan that is suited to your schedule and learning style. Although this is one of the most cost-effective ways of preparation, applicants tend to get distracted, procrastinate, and fall behind their study schedule. Students typically use self-study preparatory books offered by popular commercial companies such as PREPMEE and others.

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The material can also be accessed online, as well as content review videos (eg. Professionals like HarshSir on Youtube).

Group Study – Applicants who are successful studying in small groups use this method to study for entrance exams. Applicants can learn many things from their peers such as new study techniques and ways of viewing concepts. Another advantage of using a study group is that students can test their peers to reinforce the knowledge that they have learned. Choose study partners that you are most comfortable studying with, not ones that can get you easily distracted!

Private Tutor – Hiring a private tutor may be the most beneficial way of preparation. Typically, hiring private tutor provides flexibility as they can work around your schedule based on the times you are free. This method provides a personalized and focused one-on-one learning experience, although it may be the most expensive option.

Commercial Course Preparation – Another popular study method is taking a commercial preparatory course. These courses are specific to your entrance exam, and they typically provide three options: self-paced, in-person, and live online. Self-paced courses fall under individual study, as the prep company provides you material to study at your own pace and location. In-person courses provide in-class instruction taught by an instructor and are regularly scheduled in various locations and dates offered by the prep company. Live online courses are similar to in-person courses, except the learning sessions are held online and can be taken wherever you have internet access.



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