Haryana State GK MCQ General Knowledge Questions Answers

Welcome to Haryana State GK MCQ General Knowledge Questions and answers most likely asked in competitive exams. The questions available below will enhance your knowledge about Haryana. These are important ones from government examination view point. If you want information to know about Haryana or looking to crack any government exam of state, this information is going to help you a lot. There are many state level exams conducted by Haryana government though which it recruit suitable candidates for various state level jobs. Some of main exams include HSSC Clerk, Haryana Patwari, HRTC, Punjab & Haryana High Court Exam & all other Haryana govt exams. Because the hiring for is done for Haryana, thus more possibilities are that Haryana GK questions will also be asked. Once you got through this, you will find it easy to answer almost all questions.

About the state:

Haryana State GK MCQ General Knowledge Questions
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First let us start with basic information. Haryana is state of India located Northern part of country. It surrounds Delhi from three sides. Other states with which it shares boundaries are Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab It was constructed on November 1, 1966. Earlier it was part of Punjab. It shares Chandigarh as joint capital with Punjab. Let us now discuss important general knowledge of Haryana in terms of questions. Here we shall discuss all major points serial wise such as area, population, sex ratio, political scenario and others.

Haryana Quick Facts

Major Cities
Faridabad, Hisar, Gurgaon, Panipat, Karnal, Rohtak, Kurukshetra
Formed On 1 November 1966
The Punjabi Shaba movement wanted a separate state for Punjabi-speaking people in the erstwhile East Punjab. This movement started in the 1950s resulted in the formation of Punjabi-majority Punjab state, the Hindi-majority Haryana state and the Union Territory of Chandigarh on 1 November 1966.
Districts 22
Language Hindi
  • Milk Pail of India
  • Kurukshetra (war place cited in Mahabharata) is in the state of Haryana.
Haryana has four main geographical features:

  • The Yamuna-Ghaggar plain forming the largest part of the state
  • The Shivalik Hills to the northeast
  • Semi-desert sandy plain to the southwest.
  • The Aravali Range in the south
Tropical thorn
  • Yamuna flowing from Kalinda Parbat in Uttarakhand meets Ganga (Triveni Sangam – the Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati river) at Allahabad
  • Ghaggar-Hakra flowing from Sivalik Hills in Himachal Pradesh to Ottu in Haryana.
Baisakhi, Gangore,  Lohri, Gugga Naumi
Major Art
Saang dance, Khoria dance, Dhamal dance, Ghoomar dance.
Industry Handloom, Electrical Appliances, Automobiles, IT
Minerals Iron
Agriculture Sugarcane, oilseeds, rice, groundnuts, maize, wheat
Phulkari (Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan)
State Animal Blackbuck
State Bird Black francolin
State Flower Lotus
State Tree Peepal
Brahma Sarovar – an ancient water tank sacred to Hinduism in Thanesar
Jyotisar – a town in the Kurukshetra district where Krishna delivered the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna.
Bhishma Kund – After his fall Bhisma requested the  assembled Kauravas and Pandavas for water to quench his thirst. Kauravas offered him cool water which he denied to drink. Arjuna soon understood the willingness of his great grandfather. He pierced the ground by an arrow called Parjanyastra. Bhisma thus quenched his thirst by the water that gushed out in consequence. The spot where Arjuna’s arrow struck into the ground  is called Bhisma Kunda.
World Heritage
Ramsar Sites
  • Bhindawas WS,
  • Khaparwas WS
  • Kalesar NP
  • Sultanpur NP
  • Abubshahar WS
  • Bhindawas WS
  • Bir Shikargarh WS
  • Chhilchila WS
  • Kalesar WS
  • Khaparwas WS
  • Khol-Hi-Raitan WS
  • Nahar WS
Tiger Reserve

MCQs on Haryana State GK

Q1. Which of the following is the state bird of Haryana?
a) Black francolin
b) King Fisher
c) Grey hornbill
d) Koel bird

Correct Answer:-a) Black francolin

Q2. Which of the following is the state flower of Haryana?
a) Lotus
b) Lily
c) Foxtail Orchids
d) Dahlia

Correct Answer:– a) Lotus

Q3. Which of the following is the state animal of Haryana?
a) Tiger
b) Black Buck
c) Rain Deer
d) One-horned Rhinoceroses

Correct Answer:– b) Black Buck

Q4. Which of the following is the state tree of Haryana?
a) Peepal Tree
b) Neem
c) Sal
d) Coconut

Correct Answer:– a) Peepal Tree

Q5. When did Haryana state came into existence or was formed?
a) 1 November, 1966
b) 1 January.1977
c) 1 march,1955
d) 1 May, 1961

Correct Answer:– 1 November, 1966

Q6. What is total area of Haryana?
a) 17,070 sq miles
b) 13,090 sq miles
c) 12,190 sq miles
d) 14,440 sq miles

Correct Answer: 17,070 sq miles or 44,212 km2

Q7. Haryana’s rank in India by area ?
(a) 5th
(b) 9th
(c) 13th
(D) 21st

Correct Answer:– (D) 21st

Q8. What is Haryana’s total population (According to the 2011 census)?
a) 2.5 Crores
b) 3 Crores
c) 1.6 Crores
d) 4 Crores

Correct Answer:– 2.5 crore

Q9. Haryana’s rank in India by population ?
(a) 5th
(b) 9th
(c) 13th
(D) 16th

Correct Answer:– (D) 16th

Q10. Population density of Haryana?
a) 17,07.880/sq miles
b) 13,09.990/sq miles
c) 12,19.110/sq miles
d) 1,485.212/sq miles

Correct Answer:– d)1,485.212/sq miles or 573.443/km2.

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