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Gujarat Quick Facts
Capital &
Major Cities
– Ahmedabad
– Surat
– Rajkot
– Bhuj
– Dwarka
– Vadodara
Districts 33
Mahagujarat Andolan
demanded creation of state of Gujarat for Gujarati-speaking people from the bilingual Bombay state. Resulted in the formation of Gujarat and Maharashtra on 1 May 1960.
Known as/for – Jewel of Western India
– Manchester of the East
– Has longest coastline of 1,600 Km.
– Largest producer of cotton in India
– Highest producer of salt in India
– Largest producer of groundnut in India
– Gulf of Khambat-older than the ancient Harappan civilization dates back around 4,000 years.
4 geographical regions:
– Kathiawar or Saurastra
– Kachchh
– Rann of Kachchh
– Gujarat Plain Drier in the north
Tropical thorny vegetation
– Sabarmati
towards Gulf of Cambay from Dhebar Lake.
Narmada (Rewa) 
flows from Narmada Kund to the Gulf of Khambat.
Tapti (Tapi)
flows from Multai to the Gulf of Khambhat.
– Navratri
– Uttarayan
– Bhadra Purnima
– Garba
– Dandia Raas
Industry – Chemical fertilizers
– Petrochemicals
– Pharmaceuticals
– Polyester textiles
– Handicrafts
– Cotton textiles
– Cement
– Vegetable oil
Minerals Agate, Bauxite, Dolomite, fire clay, China clay, fluorite, Fuller’s earth, kaolin, Lignite, limestone, Chalk, Calcareous sea sand, Petroleum and natural gas, Silica sand, Perlite
Agriculture Bajra, Jowar, Rice,Wheat,Tobacco, Cotton, Groundnut, Linseed, Sugarcane, Cumin, Isabgul (Psyllium husk), Mangoes and Bananas
Sankheda Furniture, Agates of Cambay, Kutch Embroidery, Tangaliya Shawl, Surat Zari Craft, Gir Kesar Mango, Bhalia Wheat, Kachchh ShaWS, Patan Patola
State Animal Asiatic lion
State Bird Greater flamingo
State Flower Marigold
State Tree Banyan
-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, Rani ki vav at Patan (The Queen’s Stepwell)
Western Ghats
  • Nalsarovar BS,
  • Gaga WS,
  • Khijadiya BS,
  • Kutch Sanctury,
  • Porbandar BS,
  • Thol Lake.
  • Blackbuck NP
  • Gir Forest NP
  • Marine NP
  • Gulf of Kutch
  • Vansda NP
– Balaram Ambaji WS
– Barda WS
– Gaga Great Indian Bustard WS
– Gir  WS
– Girnar WS
– HingolgadhWS
– Jambugodha WS
– Jessore WS
– Lala Great Indian Bustard WS
– Kachchh Desert WS
– Khijadiya WS
– Mitiyala WS
– Nalsarovar BS
– Narayan Sarovar (Chinkara) WS
– Paniya WS
– Porbandar Lake WS
– Purna WS
– Rampara Vidi WS
– Ratanmahal WS
– Shoolpaneswar (Dhumkhal) WS
– Thol Lake WS
– Wild Ass WS
Protected Area
(Gulf of Kachchh), Khijadia

Q1. Which is the Gujarat state Animal ?
(a) Asiatic lion
(b) Snow leopard
(c) Gaur (Mithun)
(d) None of These

Correct Ans: (a) Asiatic lion
Asiatic lion gujarat GK MCQsImage Source: Google

Q2. Which is the Gujarat state Bird ?
(a) Greater flamingo
(b) Black crested bulbul
(c) House Sparrow
(d) None of These

Correct Ans: (a) Greater flamingo
gujarat GK MCQs state birdImage Source: Google

Q3. Which is the Gujarat state Tree?
(a) Banyan
(b) Hollong
(c) peeps tree
(d) None of These

Correct Ans: (a) Banyan
Gujarat GK MCQs State treeImage Source: Wikipedia

Q4. Which is the Gujarat State Flower?
a) Rose
b) Jasmine
c) Marigold
d) Lily

Correct Answer: c) Marigold
gujarat GK MCQs state birdImage Source: Google

Q5. How many Numbers of Assembly seats in Gujarat?
a) 170
b) 174
c) 220
d) 182

Correct Answer: d) 182

Q6. How many Numbers of districts in Gujarat?
a) 25
b) 28
c) 30
d) 33

Correct Answer: d) 33

Q7. What is the Formation Day of Gujarat?
a)1 November
b) 1 January
c) 1 march
d) 1 May

Correct Answer: d) 1 May

Q8. Official Language of Gujarat?
a) Hindi
b) Gujarati
c) Kutchi
d) Memoni

Correct Answer: b) Gujarati

Q9. Which river flows through Surat ?
a) Tapti
b) Godavari
c) Narmada
d) Mahi

Correct Answer: a) Tapti

Q10. Which state is to the east of Gujarat?
a) Kerala
b) Punjab
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Himachal Pradesh

Correct Answer: c) Madhya Pradesh

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