Gfc Currect affairs Gk 16th September 2017

Current Affairs for the day 16th September 2017. Here are some current affairs your preparation of TET, UPSC, IPBS, RRB, SBI PO & Clerk, RBI, Railways, Postal and other Competitive Exams. Our Current affairs page covers various sections like banking & finance, business & economy, Indian and International affairs, defense, environment,persons and many for competitive exams preparing aspirants.

Q. Out of the following artists, who has written the book “The Science of Bharat Natyam”?
1 Geeta Chandran
2 Raja Reddy
3 Saroja Vaidyanathan
4 Yamini Krishnamurthy

Correct Answer: 3 Saroja Vaidyanathan

Q. Cricket team of which of the following countries has not got the status of “Test”
1 Kenya
2 England
3 Bangladesh
4 Zimbabwe

Correct Answer: 1 Kenya

Q. The first Secretary General of the United Nation was
1 Dag Hammarskjoeld
2 U. Thant
3 Dr. Kurt Waldheim
4 Trygve Lie

Correct Answer: 4 Trygve Lie

Q. Who has written “Two Lives”?
1 Kiran Desai
2 Khushwant Singh
3 Vikram Seth
4 Amitabh Gosh

Correct Answer: 1 Kiran Desai

Q. The Headquarters of World Bank is situated at
1 New York
2 Manila
3 Washington D. C.
4 Geneva

Correct Answer: 3 Washington D. C.

Q. Green Revolution in India is also known as
1 Seed, Fertiliser and irrigation revolution
2 Agricultural Revolution
3 Food Security Revolution
4 Multi Crop Revolution

Correct Answer: 1 Seed, Fertiliser and irrigation revolution

Q. The announcement by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited Chairmen that India is ready to sell Pressurised
1 54th Conference
2 53rd Conference
3 51st Conference
4 50th Conference

Correct Answer: 1 54th Conference

Q. A pension scheme for workers in the unorganized sector, launched recently by the Union Finance Ministry, has been named
1 Adhaar
2 Avalamb
3 Swavalamban
4 Prayas

Correct Answer: 3 Swavalamban

Q. According to the revised series of Wholesale Price Index released in September 2010, which of the following items comes into
1 Flowers
2 Lemon
3 Marbles
4 Crude Petroleum

Correct Answer: 3 Marbles

Q. As recent reports, Boeing will manufacture a solar powered spy plane for the US military, capable of flying non-stop dor
1 5yrs
2 2yrs
3 4yrs
4 3yrs

Correct Answer: 1 5yrs

Q. Which among the following countries remains at the top, according to the Global Competitiveness Report for 2010 – 11?
1 Switzerland
2 Singapore
3 Sweden
4 Denmark

Correct Answer: 1 Switzerland


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