Direct-indirect speech: General narration rules of English grammar

Rules (6):
Tenses, pronouns and words showing nearness are changed according to the rules already stated.

(i) “Hurrah! I have topped again”, he said.
He exclaimed with joy that he had topped again.
(ii) She said, “How ugly do I look in this dress!”
She exclaimed that she looked ugly in that dress.
(iii) He said to me, “what a pity! You did not come”.
He exclaimed that it was a read pity I had not come.
(iv) “Fie! A soldier and afraid of fighting”, said the General.
The General exclaimed that it was shameful for soldier to be afraid of fighting.
(v) He said, “Alas! How foolish have I acted!”
He exclaimed with regret that he had acted very foolishly.
(vi) He said, “Just my luck! I never thought I would fail this time too”
He exclaimed that he was as usual unlucky and added that he had never thought he would fail that time too.
(vii) The Captain said to the goalkeeper, “brave! Well done”
The Captain applauded the goalkeeper.
(viii) Asim said to his friend, “Good morning, How do you do?”
Asim wished his friend good morning and asked him how he was.
(ix) He said, “would that I could re-live my past!”
He wished that he could re-live his past.
(x) The Old beggar said to me, “May Almighty bless you, my son!”
The Old beggar called me his son and prayed that Almighty might bless me.

Msc. Exercise
(i) My mother said to me, “You like hungry. Shall I go and bring you some fruit?”
My mother told me that I looked hungry. She asked me if she should go and bring me some fruit.
(ii) “Welcome”, he said, “be seated. It is my misfortune that I can not rise to receive you. Now will you tell me what brings you here at this late hour?”
He welcomed me and requested me to b seated. He said that it was his misfortune that he could not rise to receive me, then he asked me to tell him what brought me there at that late hour.
(iii) She said, “You scoundrel! How dare you tease me? I shall take you to the police station”.
She called him a scoundrel and asked him how he dared to tease her. The she threatened to take him to the police station.
(iv) The servant said to his master, “The refrigerator has arrived. Where is it to be put?”
The servant told his master that the refrigerator had arrived and asked him where it was be put.
(v) I said to the servant, “ How dare you disobey my orders? Don’t you deserve to be punished?”
I asked the servant how he dared to disobey my orders and whether he did not deserve to be punished.
(vi) The King said to the two brothers, “ You speak like brave men. You may under take the adventure May good fortune be with you.”
The King said that the two brothers spoke like brave men. He agreed to allow them to under take the adventure. He prayed that good fortune might be with them.

Change the narration:

1. The master of the house asked him who he was and what he wanted.
2. He wanted to know if Seema was going to the market and suggested that they should go together.
3. I told the artist to show a few designs. I said that this outlines were sharp and expressive but his colours lacked harmony.
4. The peon said, “It is already past nine. May I go home sir?”
5. The young man said to her, “I love you. Will you marry me?”
6. “How can I marry you?” she said, “There appear to be a number of girls whom you love”.
7. I said my friend, “Please take your seat. Why are you looking so sad? Is there ought I can do for you?”
8. The children called to the nurse and said, “Please come quickly. Our brother has been bitten by a snake”
9. The children exclaimed with joy that their father had come.
10. The teacher enquired of the boys angrily why they had insulted the old man.
11. The teacher wished the boys good morning and asked them if they would like to play a friendly match with their seniors.
12. She said, “Alas! I am the innocent cause of our sorrows”.
13. The health officer instructed the chemist that those medicines were not to be sold without a physicians prescription.
14. The police officer suggested that they should a wrecked car there for a while, for it would remind the other drivers to be more careful.
15. I said to the servant, “Keep these boxes away from fire, for they contain some highly inflammable matter.
16. I said to the peon, “Take these papers to the Principal and request him on my behalf to go through them immediately”.
17. He said that his father was not at home at the moment but he would return in a few days.
18. I called my friends and told them that I wanted all of them to attend my birthday.
19. He told you that he could not get time to buy the medicines prescribed for you.
20. He fells me that he will have a great pleasure in coming to my home.
21. She says that she would like to be a doctor when she grow up.
22. The mother said that she could not leave the child alone.
23. The clerk said, “I am sorry I can not return the pass book immediately. It will be sent to you by post”.
24. “Son”, his father said in dream, you can continue your profession as a doctor. You will make a good living”.
25. He said, “We practiced at the nets for two hours yesterday morning and we shall practice for another two hours tomorrow.


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