Direct-indirect speech: General narration rules of English grammar

Conversion of Imperative Sentences with “Let”

“Let” is often used to make proposals in such cases, he said, “ Let us do it” is changed to they suggested / proposed doing it or he suggested / proposed that they should do it.
(i) I said to my brother, “Let us go to some hill station for a change”
I suggested to my brother that we should go to some hill station for a change.
(ii) “Let us invite some friends to our son’s birthday”, said the father.
The father proposed that they should invite some friends to their son’s birthday.
(iii) The teacher said, “ Let no child speak to Asif for the whole afternoon”.
The teacher said that no child was to speak to Asif for the whole afternoon.
(iv) He said to his friend, “Let me go home now”.
He requested his friend that he might be allowed to go home.
He suggested to his friend that he might be allowed to go home.
(v) The beggar said, “Madam, let me stay here a while and refresh myself”.
The beggar requested her respectfully to let him stay there a while and refresh himself.

Conversion of Exclamatory and Optative Sentences:
(From Direct to Indirect Speech)

While converting exclamatory and Optative Sentences from Direct to Indirect Speech the following general rules have to be observed:

Rules (1):
In the case of exclamatory sentences the Reporting Verb is changed to exclaim with sorrow/Joy/fear/anger, etc., applaud, regret, curse, coy out or any other such verb that properly conveys the tone of exclamation.

Rules (2):
In the case of Optative Sentences the Reporting Verb is changed to wish/pray/ long for/yearn/earnestly desire, etc.

Rules (3):
The Conjunction “that” is used to introduce the Reported Speech

Rules (4):
The Exclamatory or Optative sentence is changed into an assertive one before it is put into Indirect Speech.

Rules (5):
Interjections and exclamations are omitted and their sense conveyed by means of adverbs or adverbial phrases.


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