Direct-indirect speech: General narration rules of English grammar

(c) Third Person:
Pronouns of the third person generally remain unchanged:
(i) I said to you, “He should not be trusted”.
I told you that he should not be trusted.
(ii) You said to me, “He should not be trusted”.
You told me that he should not be trusted.

When there are two or more third person pronouns in the Indirect Speech, the name of the person refered to by each may be written in brackets against each of them to avoid confusion: As;

The servant said to his master,“I have told you the truth and I can do no more”.
The servant told his master that he had told him (master) the truth and he (servant) could do no more

One has to be little careful while changing the Personal Pronoun “we”. “we” can be retained as “we” or changed to “you” or “they” depending upon the relationship of the speaker, the person(s) addressed and the person reporting the speech:
(i) He said to me, “We should have tried harder”.
He told me that we should have tried harder.
(ii) He said to you, “We should have tried harder”.
He told you that you should have tried harder.
(iii) He said to Asif, “We should have tried harder”.
He told Asif that they should have tried harder.
(iv) The Prime Minister said,“We, the members of the Muslim League, should be united”
The Prime Minister said that they, the members of Muslim League, should be united.
(v) The President said, “We should be united to fight the enemy tooth and nail”.
The President told said that we should be united to fight the enemy tooth and nail.

Conversion of Assertive Sentences (Statement) Rules:

The Reporting Verb “said” should be changed into “told”, if it is followed by an object; If there is no object it should be lift unchanged.

Reply, answer, inform, state etc, may also be used instead of said or told to give charity of meaning.

“That” is used as a conjunction. Its use is optional, but usually it is not omitted.

Tenses, pronouns and words denoting nearness should be changed according to the rule


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