Digestion and absorption MCQs for NEET / AIIMS like exams

Digestion Absorption

Here you are provided MCQs on Digestion Absorption which are very important for any medical exams, you know well. We have included many questions appeared in different entrance exams. First learn Digestion Absorption chapter from your favorite text-books or get our theory course, then come here, work it out and grow in confidence for your exam. Best of luck…

Q1. Which substance of saliva destroy the harmful bacteria-
(1) Cerumin
(2) Chyme
(3) Lysozyme
(4) Secretin

Correct Answer: (3)

Q2. Certain B vitamins are:
(1) Enzymes
(2) Co-enzymes
(3) Hormone
(4) Digestive substance

Correct Answer: (2)

Q3. In human being sphincter of Oddi is situated in :-
(1) Common bile duct
(2) Ampulla of vater
(3) Main pancreatic duct
(4) Common hepatic duct

Correct Answer: (2)

Q4. Ptyalin is secreted by-
(1) Stomach
(2) Salivary gland
(3) Pancreas
(4) Bile

Correct Answer: (2)

Q5. Ptyalin, an enzyme work in saliva in
(1) Alkaline medium
(2) almost neutral medium
(3) Acidic medium
(4) all media

Correct Answer: (2)

Q6. Vitamin which induces maturation of
(1) B1
(2) A
(3) B12
(4) D

Correct Answer: (3)

Q7. In pancreas, pancreatic juice and hormone are secreted by-
(1) Islets of langerhans
(2) Cells of Acini na Islets of longarhans resp,
(3) Istets of langerhans and cells of Acius resp,
(4) None of these.

Correct Answer: (2)

Q8. Dental formula of adolescent human being before 17 years
(1) \frac{2122}{2122}
(2) \frac{2123}{2123}
(3) \frac{2102}{2102}
(4) \frac{2023}{2023}

Correct Answer: (1)

Q9. One of the following is not a constituent of saliva
(1) Bicorbonate
(2) Lysozyme
(3) Glucose
(4) Immunoglobulin

Correct Answer: (3)

Q10. Crypts of Leiberkuhn are found in between the villi, They secrete
(1) Glucagon
(2) Succus enterias
(3) Insulin
(4) None

Correct Answer: (2)

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