Common Mistakes which Students Commit in SBI Clerk Exam

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In our highly competitive world, every examination is challenging. And even a board exam is equally important to UPSC examination these days. Aspirants study well day and night to achieve their long-cherished dream. People on the right track clear the exam while others often have to let go off their ambitions. The latter people too might have studied hard for the examination pooling up the right resources for cracking it. But somewhere they went wrong and lost the battle for no reason. Only when they introspect the actual reason, they would understand why their dreams were not fulfilled. This could be mainly because they did not concentrate well during the examination time as they were nervous seeing the time running out. Many other reasons can also be there, in addition to these.

As SBI Clerical (Junior Associate) exam is around the corner, the common mistakes which students normally commit in the examination hall have to be avoided so that they can accomplish their goal of holding a prominent position in a reputed organization such as SBI. If these mistakes are not paid attention to, wailing about your failures is the only solution that you could do. Now decide whether you want your name to be on the rankers list or not.

Here is the list of common mistakes which aspirants commit in SBI Clerk Exam

  1. Saying a Big No to Mock Tests:

Have you ever realized why people who have already cracked the test ask you to keep attempting the online test series? It is because they know without attempting mock tests, you cannot ace the test at any cost. You may think mock tests are not beneficial and even without sitting for a single mock test, your final exam is going to be a cake walk for you. This is totally a misconception. Maybe, there are people who have successfully made it to the list, only by going through some preparation notes but that is not always the case. Mock tests are a way to gauge one’s confidence and let you know more about your weaker side so that you can give in more attention to those study portions of the exam you do not excel at.

  1. Giving Priority to Only One Section

Although there is no sectional cut off, the candidate should not just concentrate on a single section and keep answering the questions in the same section. This is not going to help you. There might be questions in other sections where you get answers for sure and they can also be very less time consuming too. So, giving importance to just one section is a foolish thing to do.

  1. Sticking onto the same question

There are many candidates who just focus on a single question minute after minute. Every second you spend inside the examination hall is important. And each second is worth millions of seconds too. So, do not pay too much heed to a single question and move onto the next question if the former is not easy to attempt. The mantra of time management needs to be worn on your sleeves, only then you would be able to avoid attempting the same question over and over again.

  1. Going through the Whole Question Paper Over and Over Again

Kindly understand that SBI does not give you cool off time to go through the entire question paper like you had for your board and semester exams. The very minute you log into the respective computer, the exam time starts and at that moment, you should be geared up for the race. You should see the upcoming question only when you are about to attempt it. If you feel that your nervousness would go down if you see all the questions at one go, that is one after another, you are totally wrong. Such an act would lead to the wastage of a lot of time. Also, you might end up thinking of the questions that you find tough. It would disrupt your concentration and you won’t be able to focus on the question you are supposed to be taking up.

  1. Attempting the Questions of Comprehension Passage without Reading the Passage

Many candidates do this as they are absolutely ignorant of the consequences that follow. Of course, the passage given can be very factual although descriptive. You might have read up about the idea of the passage sometime in the past. But, does that mean you know what is there in the given passage. So, read it at least once, because there are questions very much based on the passage and you have to attempt the question on the basis of it. The passage is the crux of the entire sub section.

  1. Taking up All Questions

There is no competition that all the questions have to be taken up in the exam. Always bear in mind that there is negative marking. So, mark only those questions which you think are absolutely correct. Every time, you mark a wrong answer, there are chances that you lose the game as your already scored marks go low.

  1. Going to the Exam Hall with Negative Thoughts

When you go to the exam hall, please note to have a fresh and clear mind. Never think of the word ‘failure’ when you are inside the hall. If you have studied well, you will get through the test, no matter what happens. So, take off all insecurities from your mind and be a confident aspirant.

  1. Attempting the Exam Very Slowly

They say slow and steady wins the race. It does too. But in SBI examination hall, you will not win the race if you have plans to be slow. During your preparation days, being slow and steady might have helped you earn better understanding of the syllabus. Accuracy and speed are two important weapons you need to have.

  1. Not Reporting in Exam Hall on Time

Punctuality is another merit every individual should possess. If you have no punctuality there are chances that you become over stressed. The same thing happens in the exam hall too. Do you think being under stress and pressure help you to take the exam very well? Not at all. So, you are asked to report at the venue of the test on time.

  1. Depending too much on guess work

It is definitely a better idea to rely on some wild guesses if you think you are too good at it. But this may not help you at every point of time, that is, especially during SBI exams. Your assumptions can be wrong most of the time as the question paper is set by an expert panel. Also, if your guess is wrong, you are likely to lose marks too.

Candidates should make a note of these mistakes and try to avoid your level best. Aiming higher without doing some smart work is not going to help you out anyway.

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