Chhattisgarh GK MCQs For CGPSC Like Exams

Chhattisgarh GK MCQs


Q11. No. of habitated villages in Chhattisgarh is
[a] 18,720
[b] 20,308
[c] 20,133
[d] 20,478

Correct Ans: [b] 20,133

Q12. No. of urban towns in Chhattisgarh is
[a] 189
[b] 200
[c] 203
[d] 478

Correct Ans: [a] 189

Q13. Total area of Chhattisgarh state is
[a] 1,30,194 km²
[b] 1,35,198 km²
[c] 3,02,772 km²
[d] 1,60,194 km²

Correct Ans: [b] 1,35,198 km²

Q14. When Chhattisgarh state was formed?
[a] 31st Oct, 1999
[b] 1st Nov, 1999
[c] 31st Oct, 2000
[d] 1st Nov, 2000

Correct Ans: [d] 1st Nov, 2000

Q15. The famous Chitrakot waterfall in Chhattisgarh state is situated in____.
[a] Baghel Khand Plateau
[b] Chhattisgarh Basin
[c] Jashpoor-Samri Region
[d] Dandkaranya Region

Correct Ans: [d] Dandkaranya Region

Q16. Export of Iron-ore from Bastar is done from which of the following sea ports?
[a] Chennai
[b] Vishakhapatnam
[c] Cochin
[d] Mumbai

Correct Ans: [b] Vishakhapatnam

Q17. Which place produced the Maximum Iron-Ore in Chhattisgarh?
[a] Rajnandgaon
[b] Bastar
[c] Korea
[d] Mahasamund

Correct Ans: [b] Bastar

Q18. In which districts of Chhattisgarh the Korba super power station is established?
[a] Raigarh
[b] Korba
[c] Sarguja
[d] Raipur

Correct Ans: [b] Korba

Q19. The only Jute industry of Chhattisgarh is located in which district?
[a] Raigarh
[b] Korea
[c] Jashpoor
[d] Raipur

Correct Ans: [a]

Q20. Dandkaranya project is located in which district?
[a] Raipur
[b] Jagdalpur
[c] Bastar
[d] Durg

Correct Ans: [c]

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