Cell Respiration Previous Years Questions for any pre- medical exams

Cell Respiration Previous Years Questions


Here you are provided MCQs on Cell Respiration Previous Years Questions which are very important for any pre-medical exams, you know well. We have included many questions appeared in different entrance exams.After learning “Cell Respiration” chapter from your books or get our theory course, then come here, work it out and grow in confidence for your exam.

Q.1 Respiratory Quotient (R.Q) is defined as – [Uttaranchal 2004]
(1) vol. of O2 / vol. of CO2
(2) vol. of CO2 / vol. of O2
(3) vol. of O2 / vol. of N2
(4) vol. of N2 / vol. of CO2

Correct Answer: (2)

Q.2 Pyuvic acid is formed during – [Uttaranchal 2005]
(1) Krebs cycle
(2) Glycolysis
(3) Ornithine cycle
(4) Calvin cycle

Correct Answer: (2)

Q.3 The correct sequence of electron acceptor in ATP synthesis – [Uttaranchal 2005]
(1) cyt a,a3 b, c
(2) cyt b, c, a, a3
(3) cyt b, c3, a, a3
(4) cyt c, b, a, a3

Correct Answer: (2)

Q.4 Which one of the following contains copper besides iron –
(1) Cytochrome-f
(2) Cytochrome oxidase
(3) Platoquinone
(4) Cytochrome-c1

Correct Answer: (2)

Q.5 Where does formation of acetyl Co-A from pyruvic acid take place -[Uttaranchal 2006]
(1) Mitochondria
(2) Cholroplast
(3) Cytoplasm
(4) Golgi body

Correct Answer: (1)

Q.6 The number of ATP molecules prduced by electron transport system from kreb’s cycle intermediates in a single turn is – [Uttaranchal 2004]
(1) 11
(2) 14
(3) 12
(4) 16

Correct Answer: (1)

Q.7 In anaerobic respiration the number of ATP molecules produced are – [West Bengal 2006]
(1) 1
(2) 2
(3) 3
(4) 8

Correct Answer: (2)

Q.8 In which of the following steps of Krebs cycle CO2 is evolved – [West Bengal 2007]
(1) Isocitric acid oxalosuccinic acid
(2) oxalosuccinic acid – α ketoglutaric acid
(3) succinic acid funiaric acid
(4) malic acid oxaloacetic acid

Correct Answer: (2)

Q.9 Which of the following enzyme is not used in Krebs’ cycle – [West Bengal 2007]
(1) Aconitase
(2) Decarboxylase
(3) Aldolase
(4) Furmarase

Correct Answer: (3)

Q.10 End produced of fermentation is -[West Bengal 2007]
(1) O2
(2) N2O
(3) H2O
(4) C2H5OH

Correct Answer: (4)

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