Cell Respiration Assertion Reason | AIIMS Special MCQs

Cell Respiration Assertion Reason


These questions consist of two statements each, printed as Assertion and Reason. White answering these Questions are required to choose any one of the following four responses.
(1) If both Assertion & Reason are True & the Reason is a correct explanation of the Assertion.
(2) If both Assertion & Reason are True but Reason is not a correct explanation of the Assertion.
(3) If Assertion is True but the Reason is False.
(4) If both Assertion & Reason are false.

Assertion :- HMP shunt is also known as Reductive pentose phosphate pathway.
Reason :- Reduction of pentose sugar ribulose occurs during HMP shunt.

Correct Answer: (4)

Assertion :- Succinyl CoA is the precursor of most of porphyrin ring containing compounds
Reason :- Chlorophyll is synthesised from succinyl Co-A.

Correct Answer: (2)

Assertion :- Reduction of NAD in glycolysis is energy conserving step.
Reason :- Energy neither be created nor be destroyed.

Correct Answer: (2)

Assertion :- Glycolysis is common between aerobic & anaerobic respiration.
Reason :- Glycolysis can takes place in presence and absence of O2.

Correct Answer: (1)

Assertion :- Lactobacillus Perforns fermentation
Reason :- Lactobacillus is an anaerobic bacteria

Correct Answer: (2)

Assertion :- Oxidative decarboxylation occurs in mitochondria.
Reason :- Link reaction and Kreb’s cycle occurs in mitochondria.

Correct Answer: (1)

Assertion :- Formation of Acetyl CoA in mitochondria is known as link reaction.
Reason :- Acetyl CoA is a compound which links the glycolysis & TCA-cycle

Correct Answer: (1)

Assertion :- HMP shunt is known as oxidative decarbroxylation.
Reason :- HMP shunt involves removal of H+e and CO2.

Correct Answer: (1)

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