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Bihar GK MCQs

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Bihar GK MCQs
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State Quick facts:

Bihar is a state in East India, bordering Nepal. It is divided by the River Ganges, which floods its fertile plains. Important Buddhist pilgrimage sites include the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya’s Mahabodhi Temple, under which the Buddha allegedly meditated. In the state capital Patna, Mahavir Mandir temple is revered by Hindus, while Sikhs worship at the domed, riverside Gurdwara of Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji.


Capital &
Important Cities
Gaya, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Aurangabad, Buxar, Champaran (East, West)
Districts 38
1 April 1936
– Bihar remained a part of the Bengal Presidency of British India until 1912 when the province of Bihar and Orissa was carved out as a separate province.
– Under the Government of India Act of 1935, the Division of Orissa became a separate province.
– On November 15, 2000, southern Bihar was ceded to form the new state of Jharkhand
Language Hindi
– Birthplace of Buddhism and Jainism
– The capital state of Mauryan dynasty (Magadh)
– Indian state with the least literacy rate
– Bicameral legislature
– Almost 58% of the people in Bihar are below the age of 25, giving Bihar the highest proportion of young people of any Indian state
-The top litchi producing State in the country
The Bihar plain is divided into two unequal halves by the river Ganga which flows through the middle from west to east
Tropical moist deciduous, tropical dry deciduous, sun-tropical and temperate
– Ganga flowing from the Gangotri Glacier to the Bay of Bengal
– Kosi flowing from Tribenighat, Nepal to the Ganga (Kursela, Bihar)
– Gandak flowing from the Nhubine Glacier, Nepal to the Ganga (Sonepur)
– Son originates near Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh and joins the Ganga near Patna
Major Regional
Navratri, chhath, teej, bihula, Vikram shila, Sasaram, Madhubani
Major Art
Jhumarnach, seraikella chhau, Patna Qalam, Patna School of Painting, Madhubani paintings
Industry Cotton spinning mills, Sugar mills, Jute mills and Leather industry
Minerals Limonite, Kaolin, Limestone, Mica, Fuller’s earth
Agriculture Rice, wheat, maize, pulses, oilseeds, tobacco, jute, onions, chillies and potato
Madhubani paintings, Sujini Embroidery Work, Khatwa, Bhagalpur Silk
State Animal Gaur (Mithun)
State Bird Sparrow
State Flower Kachnar
Historical Sites
Bodh Gaya, Caves in the Kaimur range, Lauriya-Nandan Garh in the district of West Champaran, Munger, Vaishali, Vikramshila, Golhar, Nalanda University ruins, Sonbhandar Caves
Heritage Sites
Mahabodhi Temple Complex at Bodh Gaya, Nalanda
Ramsar Sites — Kabar Tal, Barilla, Kusheshwar Asthan
Kanwar Lake BS
National Parks Valmiki NP
– Barela Jheel Salim Ali Bird WS
– Bhimbandh WS
-Gautam Budha WS
-Kanwarjheel WS
-Kaimur WS
-Kusheshwar Asthan Bird WS
-Nagi Dam WS
-Nakti Dam WS
-Pant (Rajgir) WS
-Udaipur WS
-Valmiki WS
-Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin WS
Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Q1. Which is the Bihar state Animal ?
(a) Wild buffalo
(b) Snow leopard
(c) Gaur (Mithun)
(d) None of These

Correct Ans: (c) Gaur (Mithun)
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Q2. Which is the Bihar state Bird ?
(a) Black necked crane
(b) Black crested bulbul
(c) House Sparrow
(d) None of These

Correct Ans: (c) House Sparrow
Bihar GK MCQs state birdImage Source: Wikipedia

Q3. Which is the Bihar state Flower ?
(a) Marigold
(b) Kachnar
(c) Rhododendron
(d) None of These

Correct Ans: (b) Kachnar
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Q4. Which is the Bihar state Tree?
(a) Mango
(b) Hollong
(c) peeps tree
(d) None of These

Correct Ans: (b) peeps tree
Bihar GK MCQs State treeImage Source: Wikipedia

Q5. Bihar was formed in which year?
(A) 22 March 1911
(B) 22 March 1912
(C) 22 March 1913
(D) 22 March 1914

Correct Answer: (B) 22 March 1912

Q6. Bihar get Statehood in which year?
(A) 22 july 1951
(B) 26 January 1950
(C) 31 March 1936
(D) 31 April 1937

Correct Answer: (B) 26 January 1950

Q7. Bihar’s rank in India by area ?
(a) 5th
(b) 9th
(c) 13th
(D) 17th

Correct Answer: (c) 13th

Q8. Bihar’s rank in India by population ?
(a) 3th
(b) 9th
(c) 13th
(D) 17th

Correct Answer: (a) 3rd

Q9. Bihar share’s it’s border with which country?
(a) China
(b) Nepal
(c) Bhutan
(d) None of These

Correct Answer: (b) Nepal

Q10. Bihar is an amalgamation of three main distinct regions, these are Magadh, Mithila and ____.
(a) Bhojpur
(b) Gaya
(c) Katihar
(D) Patna

Correct Answer: (a) Bhojpur

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