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Andhra Pradesh GKImage Source: MapsOfIndia

No. of districts


Majuli, world biggest river island became India’s first river island district in 2016

26 January 1950
Languages Assamese, Bodo, Bengali
Guwahati, Assam
Known as/for
  • India’s gateway to Northeast India.
  • Digboi- City of Assam where the first oil reserves of India were discovered.
  • The first oil well in Asia was drilled in Assam.
  • The largest producer of bamboos in India.
  • The largest producer of tea in India.
A land of Plains and River Valleys has three principal physical regions:

  • Brahmaputra River valley in the north
  • Barak River (upper Surma River) valley in the south
  • Hilly region between Meghalaya (to the west) and Nagaland and Manipur (to the east) in the south-central part of the state separating the two valleys.
Tropical moist deciduous and tropical evergreen
Subansiri, Lohit (Tellu), Dihang/Siang, Kopili, Dhaleswari, Barak, Dhaleswari, Kameng, Brahmaputra, Kameng
Bihu, Ambubachi, Elephant festival, Brahmaputra beach festival, Majuli, Baishagu, Baikho, Me-Dum-Mi-Phi
Art Forms
  • Assam School of Painting (Manuscript paintings)
  • Music – Ainaam, Borgeet, Hiranaam, Dihanaam, Zikr and Zari, Malitas (Ballad)
  • Dance – Satriya Nritya, Bhaona, Oja Pali, Bihu, Jhumur, Naach, Deodhani, Gumrag, Dhuliya, Bhawariya, Bhortal Nritya, Bagurumba
Industry Fertilizer, jute, paper, silk and textiles, sugar, chemicals, electronics, and cement, Sawmills, plywood and match factories
Minerals coal, oil and gas, limestone, dolomite, sillimanite and corundum, iron ore, felspar, glass-sand, refractory and fire clays, kaolin, beryl, gypsum, pyrite, vermiculite,
Agriculture Rice, jute, sugarcane, fruits, tea, pulses, coconut, potatoes, cotton, and arecanuts
Geographical Indications Muga Silk, Tezpur Litchi, Boka Chaul (Oryza sativa), Joha Rice
State Animal One-horned rhinoceros
State Bird White-winged Wood duck
State Flower

Kopou phul (Foxtail Orchid)

State Tree Hollong
Moidams – the Mound-Burial system of the Ahom Dynasty, Sibsagar, Cachari ruins In Khaspur, Carvings, inscriptions, pillar on the Urvasi Island in Guwahati
  • Kaziranga National Park on the bank of the Brahmaputra
  • Manas Wildlife Sanctuary near the border with Bhutan
Deepor Beel, Urpad Beel, Sone Beel
Manas Wildlife Sanctuar near the border with Bhutan
  • Deepor Beel
  • Panidihing bird sanctuary
  • Bordoibam beelmukh bird sanctuary
  • Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
  • Kaziranga National Park
  • Manas National Park
  • Nameri National Park
  • Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park
  • Dibru-Saikhowa
  • Manas
  • Amchang WLS
  • Barail WLS
  • Barnadi WLS
  • Bherjan-Borajan-Padumoni WLS
  • Burachapori WLS
  • Chakrashila WLS
  • Deepor Beel WLS
  • Dihing Patkai WLS
  • East Karbi
  • Anglong WLS
  • Garampani WLS
  • Hollongapar-Gibbon WLS
  • Lawkhowa WLS
  • Marat Longri WLS
  • Nambor WLS
  • Nambor Doigrung WLS
  • Porbitora WLS
  • Pani-Dihing Bird WLS
  • Sonai Rupai WLS
  • Pakke Tiger Reserve (Pakhui Tiger Reserve)
  • Orang
  • Kaziranga
  • Manas
  • Nameri
  • Sonitpur
  • Dihing-Patkai
  • South Arunachal
  • Kaziranga
  • Karbi Anglong
  • Intanki
  • Chirang-Ripu

Assam State GK MCQs

Q1. Which of the following is the state bird of Assam?
a) White winged wood duck
b) King Fisher
c) Grey hornbill
d) Koel bird

Correct Answer: (a) White winged wood duck
Assam State GK MCQs for apscImage Source: Wikipedia

Q2. Which of the following is the state flower of Assam?
a) Rose
b) Lily
c) Foxtail Orchids
d) Dahlia

Correct Answer: (c) Foxtail Orchids
Assam State GK MCQs for apscImage Source: Wikipedia

Q3. Which of the following is the state animal of Assam?
a) Tiger
b) Black Buck
c) Rain Deer
d) One-horned Rhinoceroses

Correct Answer: (d) One-horned Rhinoceroses
Assam State GK MCQs for apsc state animalImage Source: Wikipedia

Q4. Which of the following is the state tree of Assam?
a) Hollong
b) Neem
c) Sal
d) Coconut

Correct Answer: (a) Hollong
Andhra Pradesh GKImage Source: Wikipedia

Q5. Which of the following is the state anthem of Assam?
a) O Mur Apunar Dex
b) Vande mataram
c) Sare jahan se accha
d) Maa tujhe salaam

Correct Answer: (a) O Mur Apunar Dex

Answer Explanation: It was written by Lakshminath Bezbarua and attuned by Kamala Prasad Agarwala. The song itself is from among the finest poems created by Laxminath Bezbaroa. It was first published in 1909 in an Assamese magazine named Bahi. It was officially adopted as the Assam’s state song in 1927 at “Assam Student Conference” held in Tezpur. The song is also included in Kadamkali authored by Bezbaroa

Assam State GK MCQs

Q6. Which of the following is the state motto of Assam?
a) Zoy ai oxom
b) Vande mataram
c) Moromor ai oxom
d) Oxom mur matribhumi

Correct Answer: (a) Zoy ai oxom
Answer Explanation: Meaning: Hail mother Assam.

Q7. Which of the following is a bird sanctuary?
a) Shalmara beel
b) Dibru-Soikhuwa
c) Chachoni-Merbil
d) Deepor beel

Correct Answer: (d) Deepor beel
Answer Explanation: Dipor Bil, also spelt Deepor Beel, is located to the south-west of Guwahati city, in Kamrup district of Assam, India It is a permanent freshwater lake, in a former channel of the Brahmaputra River, to the south of the main river. A Designated as Ramsar Site from 19 August 2002.

Q8. When UNESCO declared Kaziranga as a World Heritage Site?
a) 1985
b) 1989
c) 1900
d) 1991

Correct Answer: (a) 1985
Answer Explanation: In 1954, the government of Assam passed the Assam (Rhinoceros) Bill, which imposed heavy penalties for rhinoceros poaching. Fourteen years later, in 1968, the state government passed the Assam National Park Act of 1968, declaring Kaziranga a designated national park. The 430 km2 (166 sq mi) park was given official status by the central government on 11 February 1974. In 1985, Kaziranga was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its unique natural environment.

Q9. Assam Sarba-Sikhsa Mission was represented in which year?
a) 1999-2000
b) 2001-2002
c) 2003-2004
d) 2004-2005

Correct Answer: (b) 2001-2002
Answer Explanation: Axom Sarba Siksha Abhiyan Mission (A.S.S.A.M) was established in the year 2001 as a registered society under the Registration of Societies Act, 1860 for implementation of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) in Assam. For achieving the goal of Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE), the Constitutional obligation (86th Amendment Act) of providing free and compulsory education for all children in the age group of 6-14 years and the formulation of National Policy of Education 1996 (NPE), Government of India launched a number of schemes and programmes.

Q10. According to 2011 census literacy rate of Assam is ____?
a) 53.18%
b) 56.22%
c) 66.77%
d) 73.18 %

Correct Answer: (d) 73.18 %
Answer Explanation: The current literacy rate in Assam state of India is 73.18%. According to 2011 India Census data, male literacy rate in Assam is 78.81%, while the female literacy rate is 67.27%. The total number of literates in Assam is 19,177,977 of which 10,568,639 are males and 8,609,338 are females. In the year 2001, the literacy rate in Assam was 63.25%. The male and female literacy rates were 75.23% and 51.85% respectively.

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