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Q21. Who among the following was a lexicographer?
A. Banabhatta
B. Dandin
C. Amarasinha
D. Panini

Correct Answer: Option (C)

Q22. Names of sixteen Mahajanpadas were found in
A. Indica
B. Anguttara Nikaya
C. Kalpa Sutra
D. Harshacharita

Correct Answer: Option (B)

Q23. Mahajanapadas Harsha wrote
A. Raghuvamsa
B. Kadambari
C. Meghasandesam
D. Ratnavali

Correct Answer: Option (D)

Q24. The great scholar, Banabhatta, lived during the reign of
A. Chandragupta II
B. Harsha
C. Kanishka
D. Ashoka

Correct Answer: Option (B)

Q25. Who was the writer of ‘Ramacharitamanas’?
A. Tulsidas
B. Kalidas
C. Surdas
D. Harsha

Correct Answer: Option (A)

Q26. Ottam Thullal is dance form of
A. Karnataka
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Kerala
D. Andhra Pradesh

Correct Answer: Option (C)

Q27. Who among the following is a famous santoor player?
A. Hari Prasad Chaurasia
B. Ravi Shankar
C. Zakir Hussain
D. Shiv Kumar Sharma

Correct Answer: Option (D)

Q28. Which among the following is a folk dance of India?
A. Manipuri
B. Kathakali
C. Garba
D. Mohiniattam

Correct Answer: Option (C)

Q29. Karma is a folk dance of which of the following?
A. Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh
B. Jharkhand only
C. Chhatisgarh only
D. Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Maharastra

Correct Answer: Option (D)

Q30. Which of the following is not a folk dance of Tamil Nadu?
A. Bharatanatyam
B. Kummi
C. Kolattam
D. Ottan Thullal

Correct Answer: Option (D)

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